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Want to see your show or review on RATnews?

If you would like to see your show on RATnews, we can work with you to develop a story or review, or you can follow the guidelines below and send something in for consideration.  If you would like RATnews editors to develop the story, send us a press release or an outline of the show and the contact details of someone we can interview.  The best stories usually come from a short interview with someone close to the production such as the Director or key cast.  Interviews take about 15 minutes. If you would like to write your own story or review, have a look at the guidelines below and feel free to put something together and send it in.  We may make a few edits to improve the look and feel of the story, and we may contact you for some more information.  We’ll contact you for final approval before we published anything. Either way, contact us via and we can go from there. Tips for news stories: There are plenty of internet resources on how to write a good news story (such as but the best stories cover The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Make sure your first sentence (apparently called the lede in journalism circles), grabs the readers’ attention. And follow the inverted pyramid rule where the most important information comes at the start. But most of all, keep it simple and always interesting. Stories that are just show or cast announcements, links to ticket sales web sites or other short notes are not really appropriate. Show dates and links can be placed for free on the What’s On page, or as a paid ad. Some other tips and rules for submitting a story to Stories should be between 400 and 800 words long. Include an image or two. Images should be of good quality (no need for high resolution but those taken by professional photographers are the best to source). All material must be copyright free or you must hold the rights to use the image for the purposes of advertising.  If you need to acknowledge the image, include this in your submission.  Submit your story to Tips for writing a good review: There are only really two rules for reviews. The first is that you should not be closely involved in the production.  If you want to write something positive about your show, consider a news story rather than a review.  The second rule is that if you are going to be overly negative about something you’ve seen, then don’t write it.  ratnews is about community and amateur theatre, hence just about everyone is a volunteer and are a long way off from being professional actors (although some of us live in hope!).  So if you’ve enjoyed something you’ve seen then submit a review and be as positive as you like.  If you haven’t liked something, then feel free to tell your friends, there’s just no need to publish one here. Some tips for writing a review from The standard review contains five paragraphs. There are other approaches you can use, such as comparing two plays in one review or writing longer reviews for one play. But traditionally, a play review will analyse several elements of the production in five paragraphs, including:
  • Paragraph 1: Your introductory paragraph should describe what you saw on stage. You should also give context for the play, such as the playwright or composer of the play and where the play is being staged.
  • Paragraph 2: Briefly summarize the plot of the play.
  • Paragraph 3: Discuss the acting and directing. React to the performers playing the characters in the play.
  • Paragraph 4: Describe the design elements of the production, such as the lighting, sound, costumes, make up, and set and props.
  • Paragraph 5: React to the play as a whole. Would you recommend the play to potential audience members? You can also include a recommendation, like a star rating or a thumbs up/thumbs down – but remember, if it’s a thumbs down, it’s best just not to write it in the first place.
Submit your review to[/vc_wp_text]

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