The Other Theatre Company


    The Other Theatre Company aims to develop and present a variety of theatre services that enrich the culture and lifestyle of the local community, and support creative, relevant, excellent and exciting theatre activity and development throughout the border region of Victoria and NSW.

    We create, strive, establish and maintain, develop and cooperate.

    •          Present opportunities to develop skills in all facets of theatre work

    •          Create a transparent process for productions, from proposal through to performance. All members have the right and duty to ensure processes are equitable

    •          Strive for excellence within a local talent cohort of actors, singers, musicians and production staff

    •          Establish and maintaining partnerships and collaborations with local organisations within the local area

    •          Develop partnerships and skills development opportunities with local secondary schools, their teachers and students

    •          Cooperate with other theatre companies in order to extend the life of local theatre, optimise use of resources and promote the profile of regional theatre

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