Sunday, July 3, 2022

RatNews is entirely community run, just like regional theatre. We receive no funding from grants or other government sources.  We also don’t use Google Ads so readers don’t get bombarded with random and inappropriate web sites and images.  Help support RatNews and increase your company’s profile by advertising your next show.  Advertising rates start at just $50 a week.

RatNews Advertising rates – per week/month 

Listing on What’s on WhereFree

Top website banner on whole of site – advertisement  at the very top of every page  – $200/$600.
Side banner front page static – $150/$450.  Also appears on all individual category pages
Side banner front page rotate  – $50/$150
Side banner on What’s on Where – $100/$300
Side & Inline Banner on individual news stories (eg – $50/$150

Discounts for regular advertisers.

Image specifications – send us any image and the RatNews team will resize to fit the ad space.  We can add additional text to create the ad if necessary.  Please make sure you have the rights to use images for advertising/promotion.

Send all advertising enquiries to