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Welcome to RatNews – Regional Australia Theatre News Magazine.  A place where regional theatre in Australia can showcase what it is that we do so well.  We publish news stories about all the things theatre does in regional Australia.  This includes musicals, plays, comedies, dance, circus, anything that involves a stage, actors and lot of time and dedication from people in regional Australia. If you would like to submit a story idea, email us at contact@ratnews.com.au and we will phone you for a short interview to find out the unique and interesting things about your show and your theatre company.  If you would like to submit a story for consideration you can do that too.  We will accept submissions from community and school based companies, and also those few professional theatre companies operating in regional Australia.  Just email us your story and we’ll contact you to discuss it.  There is more information about what to think about on the Submit a News Story Idea page.

We are also looking for (as much as possible) independent reviews of shows around the country.  So if you see something you like, write it up and send that to us too.  More information about how to do that is here.

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There is also a “what’s on” page so send us links to your next show and we will load it up with a link to your site and ticket sales information.

We think that regional theatre in Australia is an astonishing beast, and while we have nothing against our city cousins, we just think it would be great to have a place to share our own stories.

So put your fingers to your keyboard and tell us something about your regional theatre experience.  We reckon it’s about time we had a place to show off a bit, and we hope you do too.

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